2016 League Executive

Todd McLeish
Pilkey Glass Pirates
1st Vice-President
Adam Kanaris
Markham Knights
2nd Vice-President
Brian Martin
Ace Pools Moose
David Newson
Ace Pools Moose
Rob Li
S+H Raiders

2016 Executive Council - Team Representatives

RJ Clements
Ace Pools Moose
Doug King
Derek Houghton Century 21
Kirby Kuindersma
Duchess Beavers
Steven Karpouzis
Main's Mansion Nads
Sam Sipione
Main's Mansion Rangers
Jeff Ego
Markham Knights
Matt DeKuyper
Northtown Sox
Rudy Pitton
OK Braves
Teni Economos
Pilkey Glass Pirates
Adam Sloan
Prime Flooring Brew Jays
Lonny Kirlin
Red Hot Dawgs
Warren Fisher
S+H Raiders
Nick Rae
Seagate Jets
Derek Krauss
Sibra Kitchens Bolts
Jeff Knight
The Classics
Frank Filntissis
The Condo Kings Army

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