2011 Final Tournament Details

Champions Champions - Northtown Sox

Finalists Finalists - Pilkey Glass Pirates

2011 Regular Season Standings Details

 TeamPWLTD+ / -GP
1Red Hot Dawgs482244017030
2Northtown Sox432073013530
3Aviva Beavers421758013030
4Col Mustard's Classics41187508830
5Active Green+Ross Athletics38168607830
6CDS Moose361610401930
7Markham Knights321311604230
8Pilkey Glass Pirates32141240-6430
9Main's Mansion Rangers27111450130
10Seagate Chiefs26121531-3130
11Rico's Bar & Bistro OK Braves25101550-3830
12S+H Raiders2391650-3230
13HyperT Hitmen2181750-12330
14Wing It2081840-6330
15Adam's Lighting Bolts1871940-10130
16Derek Houghton Remax522532-21130

Please note that in the event of a tie, final rankings are determined by:

  1. Accumulated points during the regular season.
  2. Head to head win/loss record.
  3. Best +/- in head-to-head games.
  4. Most runs for in head-to-head games.
  5. Best +/- in regular season games.
  6. Coin toss.

2011 Charity Tournament Details

Champions Champions - Red Hot Dawgs

Finalists Finalists - Rico's Bar & Bistro OK Braves