2013 Final Tournament Details

Champions Champions - Northtown Sox

Finalists Finalists - S+H Raiders

2013 Regular Season Standings Details

1S+H Raiders452163030
2Ace Pools Moose421866030
3Northtown Sox391785030
4The Condo Kings Army3616104030
5Aviva Beavers3515105030
6Adam's Lighting Bolts3415114030
7Rico's Bar & Bistro OK Braves3114133030
8Markham Knights3113125030
9Seagate Chiefs3113125030
10Red Hot Dawgs2912135030
11Pilkey Glass Pirates2710137030
12Col. Mustards Classics2711145030
13Main's Mansion Rangers2110182130
14HyperT Hitmen217167030
15Wild Wing North Nads166204030
16Derek Houghton Remax144206030

Please note that in the event of a tie, final rankings are determined by:

  1. Accumulated points during the regular season.
  2. Head to head win/loss record.
  3. Best +/- in head-to-head games.
  4. Most runs for in head-to-head games.
  5. Best +/- in regular season games.
  6. Coin toss.

2013 Charity Tournament Details

Champions Champions - Col. Mustards Classics

Finalists Finalists - Aviva Beavers